SkookumLogger v2.6.4 now available

Bill Myers, K1GQ has released version 2.6.3 of his contest logging software SkookumLogger for macOS.

SkookumLogger is a full-featured contest logging program suitable for the most demanding contester. It runs on MacOS, supporting single-mode and and mixed-mode events on 13 bands between 160m and 23cm.  SkookumLogger requires a K1EL WinKeyer or a YCCC SO2R Box to send CW.

Some SkookumLogger Features

  • Any number of QSOs per log
  • Duplicate checking as callsigns are entered
  • Partial callsign matching against Super Check Partials (SCP) database and log
  • Integrated download of the SCP and cty.dat databases
  • Exchange Archive database (like personal call history files)
  • Separate activity table windows (like band maps) for each contest band
  • Multiplier checksheets for countries, regions, prefixes, zones, locators, other
  • Time Tracker and Rate Tracker panels
  • Score window with band breakdown and scoring for most contests
  • Bidirectional DX Cluster packet spotting interface, with skimmer and QSX support
  • CW keyboard mode
  • Great circle map with terminator overlay
  • SkookumNet networking for multi-operator/multi-transmitter configurations
  • Green Heron, Easy Rotor and SARTEK rotator interfaces
  • Elecraft KPA500 and KPA1500, ACOM 2000A, and Alpha 87A amplifier interfaces
  • Elecraft KAT500 antenna tuner interface
  • YCCC SO2R Box interface including its WinKeyer emulation
  • YCCC MOAS antenna switch interface with antenna pattern overlays on the great circle map
  • Cabrillo export for submitting log entries
  • ADIF and CSV export for moving contest QSOs to a general-purpose logger
  • Automated log submission via Apple Mail and via Web browser
  • Statistics report for post-contest analysis of your contest log
  • CW Practice mode for developing your running skills off the air

2.6.4 2020-08-10

Several topics have been added to the Hints page.

New features

The Distribute Score option in Logging preferences enables sending your score to online scoreboards during a contest. See the Hints page for some remarks about this feature. Thanks N9SE, WA1Z and WA7BNM.

File ► Adjudicate CWT Log checks the QSOs in your CWT log against a copy of the CWOps roster and reports errors in the Notes field. SCP and pre-fill from your Exchange database are now disabled to force you to enter all of the QSO information yourself. This provides on-air practice for improving your logging accuracy. See the Adjudicating CWTs topic in the Practice section of SkookumLogger Help.

Window ► Show Device Name Editor supports editing or removing a custom device name associated with a serial port name. Click the Help button in the window for details about port names and device names.

The Automatically rescore logs smaller than option in Logging preferences provides user control over if and when SkookumLogger automatically performs the compute-intensive rescoring function. Rescoring is needed when you do something that changes an already-logged QSO. Set the option to zero to never rescore automatically. Use the Log ► Rescore Log (was Log ► Rebuild Checksheets) command to manually cause a rescore. See the elaborated discussion of rescoring in the Editing Log Table Entries topic of the Log Window section of SkookumLogger Help.


Code has been added to support the YCCC SO2R Box and the XK-24 keypad on macOS 11.0 Big Sur.

The obsolete Help topic “Serial Device Drivers” has been deleted. See the new Hints topic “About Serial Ports” on the Hints page.

Score updating is now performed only when the Score window is open. This reduces a user interfaces stall on a underpowered SkookumNet peer when another peer adds a QSO. This check is bypassed when the new Distribute Score option is enabled.

The SkookumLogger Help discussion about QTCs has been improved. Thanks W2RU.

The SkookumLogger Help discussion about Correct Mode has been, ummm, corrected. Thanks N9SE.

Misfeatures fixed

Polling for P3 information in radio configurations with no P3 caused timeouts. In this case, always uncheck the “Radio Has P3” option before enabling a radio.

SkookumLogger was ignoring the content of the PhoneBandLowerEdgeFrequencies.txt file. See the related topic on the Hints page.

Practice mode failed to trigger listenToCallers in some cases involving the call stacking message. Thanks JH5GHM.

Reset Log was sometimes failing to set the correct next Start Date for CWT contests. Thanks W2RU.

Polling Elecraft radios for decoded text was broken. Thanks GØDVJ.

Cabrillo QSO records for the ARRL 222 MHz & Up contest were including signals reports, which caused grief for the ARRL robot. Thanks KX6A.

The latest version of SkookumLogger is available free of charge for download here.