Flrig v1.4.0 now available

The FLdigi development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Flrig v1.4.0.  Flrig is a transceiver control program designed to be used either stand alone or as an adjunct to Fldigi.

As with all of the FL suite, Flrig continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Version 1.4.0
      * Update version
        . new rigs
        . corrected rig methods
        . major change to serial i/o resulting in
          significantly faster xcvr polling and a
          change in poll selection to on/off

    Widget Labels/Hints
      * modify the GUI struct to include both widget label and hint texts
        . struct GUI {
            Fl_Widget* W;
            int        x;
            int        y;
            int        w;
            string     label = "";
            string     hint = "";
          where W = 0 terminates a GUI array
                w = 0 defeats resize/placement of widget

      * KX3
        . added IOselect timout initialization for the KX3
          transceiver very slow to respond to query after
          many set operations.  changed IOselect to 500 msec
        . corrected code in many of the class methods
        . changed user interface to better support the xcvr
          front panel functions
        . correction to preamp cat control
      * K3/KX3 vfos
        . swap/copy A/B vfos
        . allow independent control of A/B vfos
      * IC705/7100/7200/7300 mode sense
        . Correct logic for detecting transceiver CW mode sideband
      * Faster Icom Access
        . update to class methods for Icom transceivers
        . update to Icom base class
        . update to serial port support
      * IC7000 preamp bug - correct CAT string
        . remove use of IC746PRO get_preamp method
      * IC9700 attenuator/preamp, modify control
        . internal / external on/off
        . remove disable attenuator when preamp on
        . fix attenuator control strings
      * TS480 preamp
        . Correct get response string size test
        . add get check when setting attenuator or preamp

    PowerSDR Split
      * add get/set split

      * Correct bandwidth tables

    cwio bug
      * cwio did not properly release the serial thread bypass

    FT857/897 mods
      * start / exit changes similar to FT817/818 series
      * add get/set split

    IC7300 split
      * fix UI update when split changed at xcvr

      * changes to class methods

    Socket i/o
      * Change timing & block sizes for tcpip connection

      * Add thread mutex to client implementation

    Code cleanup
      * remove code which generates compiler warnings

      * Code fixes for 817, 817BB and 818
        . change check method to include repeated
          reads waiting for response to vfo read request
        . add check to all set methods that might change
          the band / mode state; including selectA /selectB

    Locked passband tuning
      * Correct logic for locked Icom passband tuning

      * allow user to specify character used for prosigns

    KX3/OS-X serial
      * added serout statements to ReadBuffer to test KX3 / MacOS
        connectivity problems

    tod monotonicity
      * change computation of tod in msecs

      * Restored xcvr specific control methods.  Generic Kenwood
        methods not correct to this TS480 transceivers
      * modify TS480HX/SAT get split display

    terminal debug
      * remove all std::cout debug statements

    kx3 tests



      * correct support code for notch slider control

    IC serial
      * Add timeout to waitFOR, waitFB
      * Update IC705, IC9700

      * Update read calls
        . response to some commands is to go mute for
          > 500 msec
      * Update K2 trace statements
        . change all occurances of waitN to wait_char
      * Update KX3 trace statements

    File Organize
      * Use single function for IF; retrieval.  Query only if
        last IF; query was > 200 msec in past.
      * Kenwood transceivers
        . Move all TS*.cxx files into rigs/kenwood
        . Move all TS*.h files into include/kenwood
      * Yaesu transceivers
        . Move all rigs/FT...cxx to rigs/yaesu
        .Move all include/FT...h to include/yaesu
      * Icom transceivers
        . Move all rigs/IC...cxx to rigs/icom
        . Move all include/IC...h to include/icom
      * TenTec transceivers
        . Move all rigs/TT*cxx to rigs/tentec
        . Move all include/TT*h to include/tentec
      * Xiegu transceivers
        . Move all rigs/Xie*cxx to rigs/xiegu
        . Move all include/Xie*h to include/xiegu
      * Other transceivers
        . Move all other cxx to rigs/other
        . Move all other h to include/other

    serial comms
      * modify serial i/o to accept
        . number of return bytes
          - 14
        . return of required string
          - ";", "xFB"
        . return of two required strings
          - "xFE xFE x93 xE0", "xFD"
      * add IOselect test and wait to ReadBuffer
      * correct for missing btnAux... controls on wide UI
      * add get after set for all polled parameters
      * change IC7000 get_trace output

    PowerSDR update
      * add new functionality to PowerSDR class

    paradigm shift
      * complete change to rx/tx polling
        . deprecates poll interval setting
        . deprecates poll function selection

    Kenwood Xcvr trace
      * add trace get debugging statements
        TS480HX, TS590S, TS590SG, TS2000, PowerSDR

      * add trace code to measure transceiver CI-V response times

    Serial Port Timeouts
      * Recover from a temporary loss of serial port
        . ham tripped on the wires
          - clumsy oaf
        . ham using too much power, RFI
          - frequency hog
        . ham turned off transceiver before flrig
          - alas poor Yorick, I knew him well
      * Change Icom serial interface to work with or
        without CI-V echo enabled.

    xml server
      * disable push_xml for all xmlrpc gets
      * add set_verify classes
      * change set classes for fast response always
      * depreate set...fast classes

    Duplicate RTS/DTR buttons
      * Duplicate the initial state of RTS/DTR buttons on
        xcvr setup and ptt setup panels

    Polling Config
      * Add QSK to 'all'
      * Correct compensation label

    FT817BB test-mods

    Icom Performance
      * Tune serial port response on Icom transceivers

    CW via xmlrpc command
      * convert xmlrpc command string into DTR/RTS keying
        . tested with IC7300 DTR keying on primary serial port
          both using flrig keyer dialog and rpc calls from
          fldigi and flrig-shell script.  Excellent performance
          10 to 50 wpm.

      * add Kenwood TMD710 support

      * Add help section for Memory Dialog

    Paradigm shift
      * Complete rewrite of set/get for all clients
        . flrig UI is client
        . remote tcp/ip is client
        . xmlrpc connections are clients
        . all clients created equal
      * All transceiver specific code must reside only
        in the specific transceiver class methods
      * Separate flrig client code from generic support
      * implemented:
        . xmlrpc get/set vfoA/B
        . xmlrpc get/set modeA/B
        . xmlrpc get/set PTT
      * Add new xmlrpc commands which set vfo / ptt / mode
        without requiring transceiver feedback confirmation
        . set_force_vfoA
        . set_force_vfoB
        . set_force_PTT

      * Added FT818ND
      * Yaesu has found that the undocumented "BB" command adds undue read/write
        wear to the FT-81x flash and Yaesu no longer can get this type of flash.
        Rather than damaging the radios, Yaesu eliminated the command from
        the FT-818 onwards.  The undocumented CAT commands previously used in
        the FT-817 driver will still work on the older radios, but run the
        risk of permanently disabling the rigs.
        Based on this information, there are now two FT817 interface selections
        . FT817 - only uses documented commands
          flrig will not report which VFO is in use and will simply toggle between
          VFO A and B rather than going directly to either one.
        . FT817BB - uses undocumented commands in read-only mode
          flrig will report which VFO is in use and will going directly to either one.
      * FT818ND does not use undocumented cat commands

    Tx Queue
      * force pending tx queue actions whenever PTT is invoked

      * Correction to inoperative methods
      * Add AGC / RFGAIN controls to FT450

    macOS Info.plist
      * fix mkappbundle.sh script file

    K2 update