jLog v6.7 released

About jLog

jLog is a free Java based Ham Logging program that can run on all major platforms, e.g. Mac OS X, Linux/Unix, Windows, etc. It offers a nice, clean interface and allows efficient entry of QSOs.

Import or Export of data using the standardized ADIF 3 or ADIF 2 formats are possible to easily exchange data with any other Log programs.

jLog is written in Java and needs a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run both the installer and the application. JREs are available for all major platforms, either as an integrated part or as an installable option.

jLog V 6.7 – Release Notes

A new release of jLog is available from an all new Web site at https://jlog.org. New installers for all platforms are provided by “Oracle and /or its affiliates” as part of Java OpenJDK 17. No need for users to install Java (for jLog). jLog has the necessary subset of Java built-in (Java 17.0.2 LTS). Prior installations of Java can be removed unless needed by other applications. All current users must re-register to use jLog.

Functionally, this is a minor release with the following changes:


  • FT8 – added to Main Window Status panel
  • Improved ‘DXCC Report’ with FT8 and with easy selection between Paper, eQSL and LoTW QSL Status.
  • Help->On jLog opens in Browser and displays a new on-line manual undr development
  • Help->Register is now self-service with instant registration
  • ICOM ID-51, ID-52, IC-705, IC-7850 and IC-9700 radios added
  • Profile->Entry allows conversion from radio mode “PKT” to a desired digital mode (e.g. FT8 or RTTY)
  • New installers for all platforms provided by “Oracle and /or its affiliates” as part of Java OpenJDK 17.
  • Signed installers for macOS and Windows to simplify installation and avoid warnings during or after downloading jLog.


  • Allow input of date formats ddmmyy or mmddyy with yy>=21
  • eQSL Import  – minor log fix to correct old values
  • Tools->HamQTH – corrected dead link
  • Corrected Search-field failed when using spacebar to open the resulting entry
  • Corrected failing to hide rows in Verify


Please send comments, suggestions, etc. to [email protected]. Thanks!



Download jLog

jLog can be downloaded from the jLog.org website.