SDRangel v7.11.0 released

SDRAngel is a multi platform general purpose software defined radio program that supports many SDR hardware.

SDRangel uses include:

  • ADS-B Decoder: Decodes aircraft ADS-B data and plots aircraft positions on a map
  • NOAA APT Decoder: Decodes NOAA weather satellite images (in black and white only)
  • DVB-S: Decodes and plays Digital TV DVB-S and DVB-S2 video
  • AIS: Decodes marine AIS data and plots vessel positions on a map
  • VOR: Decodes VOR aircraft navigational beacons, and plots bearing lines on a map, allowing you to determine your receivers position.
  • DAB+: Decodes and plays DAB digital audio signals
  • Radio Astronomy Hydrogen Line: With an appropriate radio telescope connected to the SDR, integrates and displays the Hydrogen Line FFT with various settings, and a map of the galaxy showing where your dish is pointing. Can also control a dish rotator.
  • Radio Astronomy Solar Observations: Similar to the Hydrogen line app, allows you to make solar measurements.
  • Broadcast FM: Decoding and playback. Includes RDS decoding.
  • Noise Figure Measurements: Together with a noise source you can measure the noise figure of a SDR.
  • Airband Voice: Receive multiple Airband channels simultaneously
  • Graves Radar Tracker: For Europeans, track a satellite and watch for reflections in the spectrum from the French Graves space radar. 
  • Radio Clocks: Receive and decode accurate time from radio clocks such as MSF, DCF77, TDF and WWVB.
  • APRS: Decode APRS data, and plot APRS locations and moving APRS enabled vehicles on a map with speed plot.
  • Pagers: Decode POCSAG pagers
  • APRS/AX.25 Satellite: Decode APRS messages from the ISS and NO-84 satellites, via the built in decoder and satellite tracker.
  • Channel Analyzer: Analyze signals in the frequency and time domains
  • QSO Digital and Analog Voice: Decode digital and analog voice. Digital voice handled by the built in DSD demodulator, and includes DMR, dPMR and D-Star.
  • Beacons: Monitor propagation via amateur radio beacons, and plot them on a map.

The latest release, v7.11.0 includes the following changes and fixes:

New RTTY and Navtex plugins

Thanks again @srcejon for this nice contribution that adds RTTY and Navtex demods to the Rx channels family.

RTTY Demodulator Plugin

This plugin can be used to demodulate RTTY (Radioteletype) transmissions. RTTY uses BFSK (Binary Frequency Shift Keying), where transmission of data alternates between two frequencies, the mark frequency and the space frequency. The RTTY Demodulor should be centered in between these frequencies. The baud rate, frequency shift (difference between mark and space frequencies), bandwidth and baudot character set are configurable.

Click here for more information on the RTTY plugin.

Navtex Demodulator Plugin

This plugin can be used to demodulate Navtex (Navigational Telex) transmissions, which contain marine navigational and meteorological warnings and forecasts. These are broadcast worldwide on 518kHz (in English for international messages), 490kHz (often in the local language for national messages) and 4209.5kHz. Navtex messages are transmitted using FSK with 170Hz separation at 100 baud, using SITOR-Bencoding. The Map feature can display the location of Navtex transmitters, along with their transmission times and frequencies.

The Navtex demodulator will only attempt to start demodulating data after it detects the phasing signal, that is broadcast before each message. Therefore, if you enable the demodulator part way through a message, it may take a while before you see any output, even if the signal appears strong, as the data rate is so low.

Click here for more info on the Navtex plugin

Other changes and fixes

  • Noise figure: Fix saving of power on command. PR #1604 from @srcejon
  • Disable MSAA for 2D maps by default. PR #1604 from @srcejon
  • Fix Heat Map Display Chart Seg Fault. Fixes #1606. PR #1607 from @srcejon
  • Prevent MDI scrolling when trying to zoom in on spectrum PR #1611 from @srcejon
  • VOR Demod: Improve filtering for voice over ident. Issue #1590. PR #1615 from @srcejon
  • Fix DSD Demod crash on exit Fixes #1617. PR #1618 from @srcejon
  • Fix updateVORs so it doesn’t delete selected VORs. Issue #1590. PR #1619 from @srcejon
  • Set timer to be precise before calling start, otherwise it is ignored on Windows. PR #1626 from @srcejon
  • Audio inout: added DC block and IQ imbalance
  • Audio input: Added Fc control
  • MainWindow: disconnect prior to connect in device re-numeration. Fixes #1620
  • Fixing errors when compiling using qt6. Fixes #1625. PR #1629 from @Mohamedadlyi

More information, documentation and support can be found on the SDRangel website at

You can download the latest version of SDRangel from github