RadioMail v1.2.5 released

RadioMail provides access to the Winlink amateur radio email system. Compose, read, and reply to messages from anywhere.

A valid amateur radio license is required to use this app.

NETWORK ACCESS・Send and receive messages via telnet using the main Winlink server or through the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN).

RADIO ACCESS・Pair your device with a VARA or KISS packet modem using WiFi or Bluetooth. Radio control can be configured through rigctld. Note: An operational version of the VARA modem must be available on your connected computer. Packet mode supports the Mobilinkd, PicoAPRS, and Dire Wolf packet modems. Configuration of up to two digipeaters is possible for packet or VARA FM mode connections.

STATION DIRECTORY・Automatic retrieval of station details from Winlink, organized by proximity to your current location. Custom stations can be added for peer-to-peer connections. Note: Peer-to-peer connections are only outbound.

FAVORITES LIST・Save stations to your favorites list for quick access by modes and bands during connection initiation.

PHOTO ATTACHMENTS・Sharing photos is easy with RadioMail. Access your device’s camera directly or attach photos from your library. The app optimizes images to reduce transmission time. Preview and annotate received attachments, save to local folders or iCloud, or share via other apps.

FORMS・Compose and view 100+ standard Winlink forms. Forms are kept current with automatic updates. GPS coordinates are pre-filled according to user location. Received forms can be shared or printed as PDFs. Custom specialized forms can be installed by importing a zip file. Note: Form access is an optional premium feature requiring an in-app subscription.

POSITION REPORT・Utilize your phone’s internal GPS for accurate location data in position reports, which are posted to the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) network.

NOTIFICATIONS・RadioMail fetches new messages automatically and shows notifications while running in the background, eliminating the need to constantly check for new messages. Note: This feature is only available for telnet connections.

ADDRESSES・Send or receive messages with your primary Winlink account, tactical addresses, or secondary accounts. Seamlessly send messages to Winlink and regular email addresses. Look up contacts from the address book and access their email addresses when composing messages.

RadioMail is independently developed and not affiliated with the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc. (ARSFI) who supports the Winlink Global Radio Email system.

Changes in RadioMail version 1.2.5

  • Location can automatically be added to outgoing messages. Incoming messages with sender location information can be displayed on a map.
  • Fix an issue where VARA HF connection would fail if a VARA FM digipeater was configured.

Changes in RadioMail version 1.2.4 which was released September 24, 2023

  • Added proper support for form sequence number
  • Fix for custom VARA FM stations not showing up in connection window

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RadioMail can be purchased on the Apple App Store for $14.99.