jLog v6.9 released

About jLog

jLog is a modern Logging program for Hams that can run on all major platforms, e.g. macOS, Linux, Windows, etc. It offers a nice, clean interface and allows efficient entry of QSOs. It provides good real-time integrations and Internet lookups and logging.

Import or Export of data using the standardized ADIF 3 or ADIF 2 formats are possible to easily exchange data with any other Log programs.

jLog is written in Java and needs a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run both the installer and the application. JREs are available for all major platforms, either as an integrated part or as an installable option.

jLog V6.9 Release Notes

The new V6.9 release of jLog is available from https://jlog.org and brings the following changes:


  • Automatic or manual uploads to Club Log and HRDLOG once the QSO is saved
  • Additional Key settings for QRZ Logbook per Config
  • Three new Dark themes and a new Light theme gives jLog a more modern look (see the picture below)
  • Option to switch themes automatically when the system theme changes (macOS, Windows 10/11 and Ubuntu Linux)
  • Callsign Search window offers mouse right button popup menu with many options
  • Tracker window offers mouse right button popup menu with many options
  • Auto submission on/off master button on the Main window status bar.
  • New DIGITALVOICE Submodes FREEDV and M17
  • Date and time is visually expanded when leaving field in Entry window, e.g. dmmyy -> dd.mm.yyyy and hmm -> hh:mm
  • Added ability to resize jLog size for HiDPI displays (necessary for Linux only)
  • Additional Yaesu radios, e.g. FTDX10, FTXDX 3000 and many more
  • ADIF Import shows a Progress Bar and has other smaller improvements
  • Minor improvements to contest functionality


  • Avoid pop-ups being hidden behind QRZ and HamQTH pop-ups, making jLog “appear as frozen”
  • Corrected WAS Reports. US was partially wrong, others failed to show
  • A few cosmetic improvements


Please send comments, suggestions, etc. to [email protected]. Thanks!

An example of the Light and Dark Themes in jLog 6.9:


The new Auto Submission on/off main control at the very bottom of the main window in jLog 6.9:


Download jLog

jLog can be downloaded from the jLog.org website.