SDRangel v7.10.0 released

SDRAngel is a multi platform general purpose software defined radio program that supports many SDR hardware.

SDRangel uses include:

  • ADS-B Decoder: Decodes aircraft ADS-B data and plots aircraft positions on a map
  • NOAA APT Decoder: Decodes NOAA weather satellite images (in black and white only)
  • DVB-S: Decodes and plays Digital TV DVB-S and DVB-S2 video
  • AIS: Decodes marine AIS data and plots vessel positions on a map
  • VOR: Decodes VOR aircraft navigational beacons, and plots bearing lines on a map, allowing you to determine your receivers position.
  • DAB+: Decodes and plays DAB digital audio signals
  • Radio Astronomy Hydrogen Line: With an appropriate radio telescope connected to the SDR, integrates and displays the Hydrogen Line FFT with various settings, and a map of the galaxy showing where your dish is pointing. Can also control a dish rotator.
  • Radio Astronomy Solar Observations: Similar to the Hydrogen line app, allows you to make solar measurements.
  • Broadcast FM: Decoding and playback. Includes RDS decoding.
  • Noise Figure Measurements: Together with a noise source you can measure the noise figure of a SDR.
  • Airband Voice: Receive multiple Airband channels simultaneously
  • Graves Radar Tracker: For Europeans, track a satellite and watch for reflections in the spectrum from the French Graves space radar. 
  • Radio Clocks: Receive and decode accurate time from radio clocks such as MSF, DCF77, TDF and WWVB.
  • APRS: Decode APRS data, and plot APRS locations and moving APRS enabled vehicles on a map with speed plot.
  • Pagers: Decode POCSAG pagers
  • APRS/AX.25 Satellite: Decode APRS messages from the ISS and NO-84 satellites, via the built in decoder and satellite tracker.
  • Channel Analyzer: Analyze signals in the frequency and time domains
  • QSO Digital and Analog Voice: Decode digital and analog voice. Digital voice handled by the built in DSD demodulator, and includes DMR, dPMR and D-Star.
  • Beacons: Monitor propagation via amateur radio beacons, and plot them on a map.

The latest release, v7.10.0 includes the following changes and fixes:

New Heat Map plugin

New Heat Map channel Rx plugin thanks to @srcejon This plugin can be used to generate a heat map based on RF channel power. To view the Heat Map visually, the Map Feature should be opened. More information here

Other changes and fixes

  • Copy fftw3f and libusb dlls to bin directory. PR #1503 from @srcejon
  • Removed unncecessary call to updateChannels in VORLocalizer and DemodAnalyzer. Fixes #1572
  • TestSource: use queued connection for connecting worker’s deleteLater. Fixes possible crash on exit
  • FT8 support: corrected possible code glitch
  • DSD demod: disable audio for YSF wide mode if AMBE feature is active. Fixes #1587
  • Fix SDRplay RSPdx LNA table, to have correct number of entries, for #1532. PR #1591 from @srcejon
  • Autostack: Fix channel windows being made to wide when SDRangel starts. PR #1601 from @srcejon
  • Android: Prevent app from being put to sleep when running. Add menu to keep screen on. PR #1602 from @srcejon
  • SSB demod GUI: display channel marker in correct stream if connected to a MIMO device

More information, documentation and support can be found on the SDRangel website at

You can download the latest version of SDRangel from github