RepeaterPhone version 1.1.4 has been released

RepeaterPhone is an app which lets you connect to and use Allstar and Echolink networks. Connect to nodes, conferences and repeaters from around the world, using your iPhone or iPad.

You will need an account with either the EchoLink or AllStarLink networks, as well as a valid amateur radio license and call sign to use this app. Please see or, respectively, for more details.


  • RepeaterPhone provides the ability to connect your mobile device to EchoLink or AllStarLink nodes, including repeaters and conferences. Push to talk today!
  • You will need an account with either the EchoLink or AllStarLink networks. Please see or, respectively, for more details
  • Push-to-talk interface
  • Browse or search the directory for available nodes
  • Mark favorites with a star for quick access
  • Supports various audio devices, including Bluetooth headsets
  • Fully integrated into your phone’s recent call system
  • Includes a watch extension for dialing favorites and controlling push-to-talk
  • Sharing your device with a licensed family member? Switch accounts easily

Version 1.1.4 includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Added support for Flic buttons as PTT
  • Screen will no longer go to sleep during a call
  • VoiceOver will no longer announce directory loading when directory is not on screen
  • Fixed number pad for EchoLink manual node creation
  • EchoLink will no longer have so much registration churn due to network path changes

RepeaterPhone is available on the App Store for $7.99.