Station Snapshot – M6LDZ

Welcome to another edition of Station Snapshot. After a couple visits with American stations, this time around we will be traveling back across the Atlantic to visit the station of Trevor (M6LDZ).

Trevor writes “I am new to the airwaves as my M6 callsign tells but keen to learn. Luckily or unluckily, work has been a bit slow so since having my license and splashed out on a radio(s) I have had time to play with it.”

Trevor shares that he has three setups, and describes each further in detail. For home use, his shack includes a “FTDX5000 Yaesu (lovely) linked to a 27″ iMac with a ZLP USB interface. The Mac runs MacLoggerDX on OS X Yosemite.” He goes on to write that he is “experimenting with digital modes using CocoaModem linked to the Yaesu with a SignaLink. I only have fixed antennae at the moment. A Gap Titan and a end-fed wire but have plans for a hex beam and am just researching the easiest way to link MacLoggerDX to the rotor.”

For a “GoBox” station, Trevor uses an Icom IC-7000 with LDG tuner, 7” remote LCD screen, Alinco power supply and a BHI noise canceling speaker. This runs to his MacBook Pro with the same software as the base station using the ZLP interface and SignaLink.

Finally, for a portable station, Trevor reports that he uses an Elecraft KX3 with 2m board linked to iPad with a Pignology Piglet. He goes on to say, “Here is where we differ on the software. I bought MacLoggerDX HD for iPad but the ability to link to the iPad is not yet supported and I like to log realtime. So i have RUMLog2Go running on the iPad. This has not had a good testing as the KX3 has had to go for some work on the 2M board but I will update and provide some photos when it is back. Generally I try to keep all logs up to date by using Dropbox, deleting, copy & pasting but some sort of auto sync would be fantastic. I think RUMlog2Go will go some way towards this in the iPad. What i am really hoping for is a MacLoggerDX HD update to add in a band window and KX3 control for the iPad.”

Thank you, Trevor, for sharing details of your station with us. Despite being relatively new to the hobby, it does sound like you have already assembled a versatile and complete station and one that should serve you well for years to come.

If you are reading this and are interested in having your station profiled as a Station Snapshot, send a brief description of your station, hardware and software in use, along with any interesting tidbits of information to [email protected]. We will be happy to profile your station and you will be able to share your hobby with other MacHamRadio users around the world.