jLog v6.10 released

About jLog

jLog is a modern Logging program for Hams that can run on all major platforms, e.g. macOS, Linux, Windows, etc. It offers a nice, clean interface and allows efficient entry of QSOs. It provides good real-time integrations and Internet lookups and logging.

Import or Export of data using the standardized ADIF 3 or ADIF 2 formats are possible to easily exchange data with any other Log programs.

jLog is written in Java and needs a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run both the installer and the application. JREs are available for all major platforms, either as an integrated part or as an installable option.

jLog V 6.10  –  Release notes

The latest release of jLog is available from https://jlog.org and brings the following changes:


  • Added 15 more flexible columns (25 total) to the Main Window
  • Distance available as a flexible column, also updated for new entries and on ADIF import
  • Changed serial driver to the more updated jSerialComm
  • Added option to restart radio drivers in Tools->Radio, i.e. avoiding restart of jLog
  • Added ‘Init’ with default values for Cabrillo format for new user defined contest IDs
  • Minor Java update to 21.0.1 (except that Linux RPM version is now using 20.0.2)
  • New format for User’s Guide with improved navigation and a PDF is now available for off-line use
  • Faster jLog available for Apple M1/2/3 (aarch64) computers


  • Fixed data dependability in ADIF Import
  • Fixed crash in Reports->USA-CA
  • Fixed missing library file for the Map function
  • Adjusted QRZ Callsign field height, e.g. to avoid ‘J ‘shown as ‘I’
  • Linux RPM version is now using Java 20.0.3 to access TQSL without problems

An example of >10 flexible columns (and new ones like e.g. qL=QRZLog, hL=HRDLog, cl=Club Log):



Please send comments, suggestions, etc. to [email protected]. Thanks!

Download jLog

jLog can be downloaded from the jLog.org website.